Why Managed Services?

Whether you're planning a new construction project or just need help managing a Procore project, Vertex Innovations has the expertise, knowledge, and experience to deliver exceptional results. Our managed services save you time, headache and money.


State-of-the-art Quality Management Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to streamline and automate quality control processes for businesses across various industries. With its integrated platform for managing, tracking, and reporting on quality metrics, Active Oversight enables organizations to maintain consistently high standards and foster continuous improvement initiatives.

Procore Management

Let Vertex Innovations handle your Procore project from installation and configuration to maintenance, upgrades, and data management. Our service is designed to help you optimize your use of Procore and improve your construction project management workflows.

See how Vertex Innovations managed services can change the game for you.

  • “I was on the VISTA call today and Doug Miller gave a big shout out to everyone on the project and called out our John Williams and Randy Walters ( the Cx person that found all the ATS issues in Vz with Russ electric) out by name.
    He was very happy the building was what they call, Network ready, as they planned and told the other entities in Vz.

    Just wanted to pass this good news along.”

    Doug Miller
  • "Vertex's technical ability and organizational skills are excellent. The team has a very strong grasp on the telecom industry."

    Chuck Pancost
    Broken Arrow Communications
  • “Having worked with quite a few owner’s representatives, I’ve found Vertex to be reasonable, easy to work with, and very technical. If given a choice, we would definitely choose to work with Vertex.”

    Stephen Boie
    KDW Architects & Engineers
  • “Lynn, I wanted to bring your attention to the well deserved shout out to Abraham for his support throughout the Hillsboro MSC Expansion project. This recognition went out to multiple Verizon senior leadership. As I've expressed on multiple occasions, Vertex has been an extremely integral part of the success of this project. Vertex has treated every bit of the project and facility as it's own. Vertex's communication skills have been pivotal in keeping all parties on the same page. I appreciate all the hard work and ownership it has taken during the course of this project. I am confident Vertex will continue to help drive the project strong to the finish line. Thanks Vertex!”

    Lehi Alo
    Verizon Wireless
  • “With Vertex, there is never a question that the job will get done. Vertex strives to create solutions as opposed to stumbling or pointing the finger when things don't go as planned on a project. The Vertex team is level-headed, straightforward and enjoyable to work with.”

    Lisa Hugey
    MKK Consulting Engineers
  • "Vertex's best quality is that they’re a quick read of multi-disciplined parts of a project. They are adaptive and intelligent, but on the same note if the team doesn't understand something, they do what it takes to learn."

    Craig Morroni
    Electric Equipment & Engineering
  • "Vertex is organized and does whatever it takes to get the job done."

    Garry Cornish
    Cornish Consultants
  • "We're a fast moving company and we need vendors that can work at our pace. With Vertex, I know the job will get done and meet our high standards."

    David Campbell
    Verizon Wireless
  • "If I could choose to work with Vertex on every project, I would. Anytime we have used Vertex, the team acted as the owner's rep. I've had a successful project."

    Aaron Kingstrom
    Front Range Wireless
  • "Vertex is persistent when getting information necessary for a project. You can give the team a little and they will track down a lot."

    Matt Monton
    Verizon Wireless

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